I/O error during installation

I just downloaded the latest archlinux version from sourceforge. I have 0 problems during the installation, very clear and simple, but when I run the installation, I get an I/O error.

Here’s the traceback

  • I have selected both the linux and linux-lts kernels.
  • I burned the image on my usb with dd. sudo dd if=archlabs_date.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4M
  • The selected bootloader is grub
I really appreciate the help if anyone could provide some. :slightly_smiling_face:

Checking ISO Validity:

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Yep , iso might be corrupted, a good start as well. Happened to me in the past.

Good call @ector

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I’ll try that. Sounds promising!

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Hopefully it will fix the issue @Levasseur-Sp

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If using dd, try burning it like so…

dd bs=4M if=path/to/archlinux.iso of=/dev/sdb status=progress oflag=sync


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Now it’s a different error and I assume it’s on the hardware side.

If I understand correctly, it means that some blocks on my drive are corrupted or something, right?

What are you computer system specifications?

Are you dual/multi booting?

Last time i had i/o erros like this my hard drive was gone. But that doesnt mean yours is just yet.

Do you boot into another system on the same drive that is ok?

I am single booting on my ADATA SU800 SSD.

I don’t mind wiping my drive everytime I switch distros because I have my laptop but that’s beside the point.

Ok so maybe try this to the disk before you try to install again.

# shred -vn1 /dev/sda

# sgdisk --zap-all /dev/sda

But maybe better to check bad sectors on the disk first.


So to be sure, shred will overwrite every file contained in the drive and sgdisk will wipe them?

I just read the man pages

pretty much you will have a blank drive. Please check for bad sectors first though.


I’ll do that beforehand then! A 1TB drive is going to take a while! :joy:

That it will. Sorry if you are using the archlabs live session maybe use badblocks


Quicker alternative for SSDs:

blkdiscard /dev/sdX

Might even be the usb you are using is no good any longer? have you tried another usb drive?

Hold on a minute, those are SQUASHFS errors so it’s the USB stick (or the image itself) that’s corrupted.


Yes,exact and also the previous errors of the posted image.

That’s weird because the checksums were correct. :joy:
So I just have to re-dd another download of the image and pray?

Rinse and repeat until it works I guess

Try another USB and report back?