I Looking for Xresource for ArchLabs version 2018.0x

I was using ArchLabs 2018.0x, but version 2019 was different directivity, hereby I was have to make a choice to new Linux OS. but I cloned the home directory in 1TB HDD Disk.

Then 2 years and a little, I used l Manjaro Linux, of course ArchLabs’s beautifull Themes it named Xresource in URxvt.

but 2020/05/23, was contains Buckup Data in 1TB HDD Disk to be RIP. it Disk was contain ArchLabs 2018.0x’s Xresource…

I searched old Xresource file, however present day, and present time, at point of time and day, No such as similer file.

Have 2018.0x version Xresource file someone?

you can always go download the 2018 iso and pull it

I don’t have that but get a copy of 2018.02 here


I don’t have that link keys…

Yep, needed key @Dobbie03

Sorry, try this one


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It will work for @Rokuhara now.

Top @Dobbie03

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