I Have Some Sad News to Share

Some of you may remember a real personality from our Google+ days, Duncan Pringle A.K.A. DP. Well after many months of radio silence and me trying to get hold of DP I managed to get in contact with DP’s sister.

With a heavy heart I am posting this thread, and I am very sad to say but Duncan passed away in July of last year.

We spent many nights talking shit on Telegram and Hangouts and I have missed those. His humour, his sarcasm and his talent with art. Our original Firefox homepage was his work. He always had something to say. Both DP and I had a lot in common personally and we clicked. It’s funny, we never met but we had a good connection, you grow to care for these people you converse with online

Rest in peace my friend.


Thats really sad. RIP DP.


That sux mate, RIP Duncan Pringle .


Requiescat in pace DP


Sad news… I enjoyed seeing his scrots on Eye Candy Linux.


Geez Matt, that is sad news. Had a few chats with him on G+. He loved his themes dark - like his sense of humour. I admire you for being able to track down his sister.

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It was a mission. I had to do more than just send him messages and try to ring.

hahaha yeah. That’s what I remember most.

It’s always tough losing those that we’ve established genuine connections with. :frowning:


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