I have seen the error of my ways



This post at /r/linuxmasterrace made me see the light…


Do we have a /usr/share/moron to take note of his "wonderful insight’?:laughing:


He is a master of words. His case was just so compelling I immediately installed windows 10. I’m currently writing this post from Internet Explorer 6.


Lol! Heck, I’m going to better you! I’m going to install Windows 8.5 and use IE (the first version) ! :laughing:


Oh you Windows Hipster you.


Gee, looks like he s trying to hide his tentencies ! lol (the link s atomiumist )


Once upon a time, when IE6 was the most popular browser, I earned money on making websites. I still have a trauma.


Yes it was. Shit browser, shit OS.


When faced with such a persuasive argument I can see why you had no choice but to give in and admit your gross mistake. It’s better to correct things now than to continue down such a frivolous path. Kudos to you for being able to admit all this in public.

I’ll still hang around here for the few nomads that might wander in. :relieved:


His argument was just so strong, it swung me instantly. I’d hate to come across this chap in real life and have to debate the dude. Just devastatingly brutal in his commentary. I wouldn’t stand a chance.


Oh, he’s one of those:

Comment from discussion Linux is hecking gay.