I hate my country

,my school and everything :slightly_frowning_face:

I study shit and live in shit and I deeply hate our political regime, fuck the policemen, the government, the NSA, and I hope one day I can leave this shitty country and this fucking mad ignorant stupid inhuman society that I live in.

I have an exam in some hours from now and haven’t studied enough, and can’t continue because I need to sleep + I don’t have the psychological power to continue…

Feeling like shit wanna kill somebody but all I can do is the rant. FML

damn… it doesn’t feel any better FML again :dizzy_face:

this is my second time in this year (3rd grade CSE) because I failed the last year because I got arrested (from my home) for no reason (they told me you have a political activity! which is a legal thing and I’ve never been like that, ironically), and when they had nothing on me they accused me of being a terrorist (they had to that in the official papers and stuff like that in order not to be accused of arresting people for their opinions, and actually they do exactly that, fuck them, I had no opinion btw, the irony! again!) and many times when I remember this I feel unsafe, powerless, frustration,…etc especially when I feel that I want to finish this shitty college which is just an obstacle in front of my future and daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn…

anyway, I wanted to curse a little…

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Dude, I think you are in the wrong forum.


Hello Egypt is one of the most beautiful countries I visited, even though I was in Sharm el Sheikh, and I remember the beautiful sea and the heat of summer.
I hope this moment of sadness and paranoia is only momentary, you will see that everything will be adjusted.


I know it’s just I can’t say this in the real world, I’mna be fucked up, literally and metaphorically… I will delete this in a few hours in order not to be reached… anyway

Thank you.

Yea it’s very beautiful in the tourist places, I know but we’re in a deep shit actually, I wish I could live in peace like ordinary people.

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Shall you delete the post for me? I don’t have permission to do so!

Before you go, look into meditation and smile even when the going gets tough.

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Look, there is no need to delete anything. Life can be hard for anyone and for different reasons.
Being under pressure amplifies even the most ordinary problems.
I just believe that this forum is not the best place to rise such kind of issues.
You have my empathy, and everyone else in this forum that struggle with their own demon/s every day.