I deleted my .zshrc file

I really have two issues here, 1 being I deleted my .zshrc file and while I can obviously create another one, I really liked the settings in the default that was shipped with archlabs. Is there a way to restore it or get that file from a repo or something?

My second issue is, I tried installing powerlevel10k however it does not seem to work, after installing I run p10k configure and it tells me that the command is not found. I know this is not an archlabs issue because my manjaro vm is doing the same thing, any help would be appreciated. Nevermind, I figured this out pretty easily here - Installing Zsh and Powerlevel10k on Arch Linux but still have the first issue of deleting my .zshrc file

Default configurations including .zshrc are located in /etc/skel


I did not know that, thats prefect, thank you!