I am @fhdk - retired octopus

And a nutcase :slight_smile: bad jokes aside.

Autistic, Sysadmin, Coder, Security, Network, Coffee, Python, C#, Typescript, Github, keybase.io.

I have been on and of Linux since late 90’ies - going steady on Arch for the past 4 years with Manjaro as the preferred for the last 18 months.

Running minimo on a laptop because openbox is my thing and I like what the team is doing.

Archlabs introduced me to polybar which in my opinion is waay better than conky. Likewise jgmenu, rofi and rice.

To a long and prosperus relationship :+1:


Welcome to ArchLabs.

Your comment regarding Polybar exactly mirrors my feelings :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the community :metal::sunglasses:

I have tried i3-gaps, Bspwm, Fluxbox, Fvwm, Xfwm, Herbstluftwm, Dwm, Spectrwm, Compiz…
And always back to Openbox :smile:
Openbox is my thing too