I am a bit puzzled over this


My knowledge does’t cover this but it is probably some
thing I am missing, right? Someone familiar with this kind of problem?

Very thankful for a hint!


Some kind of font issue. Maybe the font you’re using doesn’t have the glyphs needed, or you may not have a font for the language being used.

What site is that? I see that every now and then in forum posts. Sometimes on an Asian or Indic related site.

You can try updating your font cache.

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This “condition” doesn’t have to do with internet. The “example” I sent is pcmanfm asking something. Same thing happens now and then in some apps. In Leafpad it happens but not in L3afpad! I have been fiddling alot with the system and most turn out well but sometimes…
I am rather picky with fonts but I do not use anything “strange”. Noto, Ubuntu, Cantarell,
After updating font-cache uninstalling pcmanfm and leafpad and reboot reinstalled leafpad and pcmanfm and the problem persists!

My “systemwide” font fc-match monospace is Dejavu sans mono, fc-match serif = dejavu serif and fc-match sans = dejavu sans. Archlabs default?


Because I think PCmanFM is QT based… your fonts/theme are probably problematic. I’d recommend trying SpaceFM (similar heritage to PCmanFM) and gtk-based. If that fixes things, then you can likely assume, you need a theme & fonts that support QT if you want PCmanFM

I thank you for your input and keep searching!


I have been playing with qt5-conf but no matter what I do there is no change and for the moment I have pcmanfm and Leafpad uninstalled.

I will try more tomorrow and then maybe I will have a look att gtkrc2.0!?


Hi again Archlabbers!
I am very happy to inform that I have solved the weird problem! (maybe noone is interested but this could actually happen and may then be of some help!)
I had been fiddling with the system. With different configs, conky, installing apps and had big problems to install Spotify for example. Some of these “actions” “infected” the gtkrc2.0 file in home dir. In my case it was a font in there that was not installed on the system and strangely “infected” some apps but not others. I change the font to the same font I have given in obconf and problem seems to be solved!