I accidentally tap cancel on separate boot partition

Hey thx for the comeback @jellysquish04

Thanks too :relaxed: and good morning! :relaxed: Im reinstalling it but where do i install the linux firmware or was it installed by default

This will be installed by default as part of the base.

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You don’t need that and can safely ignore, it’s a seperate application that will output system info but isn’t installed by default. If I need hardware info it will be with tools that are installed by default. Feel free to install it but I doubt that it will help any.

Ohh okay :relaxed: umm i should install this right

AUR (en) - inxi-git cause inxi -Fxz command not found
Maybe that will fix the freezes

It definitely won’t fix the freezes but it will let you get system info easily.

For brevity sake where exactly are the freezes happening?

At first was sending file to google drive i used brave browser and so suddenly freezes and so restarted the computer it even stuck at linux ramdisk when booting everything i do it freezes like watching yt and so on and so i reinstalled still the same but now i reinstalled and installing browser for now

This sounds like you could be having a drive failure, do you have other OS on it you can test? do they work well?

I don’t but it doesn’t happened when on other distro ill just see to it now i hope it doesn’t freeze anymore cause i like this its not bloated and easier to install thanks anyways :relaxed:

That’s good enough to rule out that as a cause.

If you run htop in a terminal do you see high cpu usage or “hog” processes?