I accidentally tap cancel on separate boot partition

Now it wont let me cause it says install running what should i do help please :pleading_face:

Since it’s a new install, it would be faster just to do a reinstall.


Is my pc still bootable without bootpart? Im afraif and new to this i still in that cause im afraid it won’t boot anymore :pleading_face:

No worries. Just boot into the installation image again and you can start from scratch. Don’t forget to check the bios boot options; they might have been set to your internal disk instead of the USB or Ventoy that you need (and used before) to be booting off.


Okay i do continue install it and reinstall?

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Guys new problem for me at first it freezes when i send files to google drive so i restarted it now everything i do it freezes i even reinstalled it still freezes what could be the problem or maybe because i use yay -S when installing app im new and just search for installing app

When sending files onto google drive, what do you use for it,

Found this link real quick, hope that it can be of any help to you;

Does your install works after reboot !

Wonder if it has to do with firmware .

Yes it works fine but still freezes when i do something when i play youtube or anything but doesn’t happened earlier up untill send files to google drive i use the browser and so the freezes happen

Ok, what s your browser, do you also have enough memory allocated when you installed !

Firefox sometimes takes loads of memory if you re using it.

What DM are you using also, it might also be an issue.

Im using brave, wm is openbox i only installed like 5 apps yes i even have swapfile

Are you using 3D effects also as it can eat loads of memory.

Ok, thx for the comeback, guess that we were posting at the same time.

Please post results from this command, it might help a bit;

inxi -Fxz

Okay sure thank you for replying :relaxed: ill do it tomorrow though :relaxed:

Ok cool, maybe you ll find sometime in between.

Also, do you have Firefox !

Is that with LTS or mainstream kernels, some had issues with latest kernel update.


This ^


You don’t need a separate boot partition when installing in BIOS mode, we offer it as an option but it’s fine. UEFI will need one though.

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What is the graphics card?

lspci | grep VGA
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Umm i only have brave also no i dont install the lts one… i installed the default linux

A6-6400K Radeon™ HD 8470D