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@nwg have you seen this?

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Not yet. I’ll take a look later tonight.

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Seeing screenshots and a short video was more than enough to me. Rounded WTF? :smiley:


Yeah I don’t like rounded corners either, not so bad in floating windows but they should be made illegal in fullscreen.

I haven’t looked at the config but can you disable the rounded corners?

Neither have I, but they seem to be one of the key features, together with built-in manga.

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Which also should be illegal.

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Isn’t it?

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If only.

Under decoration…

decoration {
rounding=10 <<<< maybe here.
blur_size=3 # minimum 1
blur_passes=1 # minimum 1, more passes = more resource intensive.
# Your blur “amount” is blur_size * blur_passes, but high blur_size (over around 5-ish) will produce artifacts.
# if you want heavy blur, you need to up the blur_passes.
# the more passes, the more you can up the blur_size without noticing artifacts.

The dev has a X11 version too.

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