Hyper-V compatibility is gone

Hi guys,

I love ArchLabs but for my business I need Windows as main operating system and I use ArchLabs in a Hyper-V VM. I recognized, that the 2018.05 and 2018.06 ISO images are no longer usable with Hyper-V the last working iso is the 2018.03.

Later images are not able to accept right mouse click to get the menu for the installer. Maybe you can fix this in upcoming images.

Hope you are doing well and keep going!

You could use older versions, and with the upgrade you’ll find the latest version.
I hope it is correct .
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@ector sure this is possible, but the best solution will be to fix the missing compatibility :wink: took some hours and some ways to find out that it is the image which causes the problem.

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On this, I think it will answer who takes care of the iso, I think it is, @ nate and others, of course when will have time to respond and correct the problem.
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@natemaia @Dobbie03 just for notification :wink:

With 2018-03 I could install on HyperV and update to latest version :+1:t2:

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What is missing/needed to get this all working properly?

Since 2018.03 iso not much has been changed regarding packages so I wonder what’s causing it to freeze, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Guess that it more has to do with arch s updates/upgrades that are making some weird reactions to some hardware, but it s only assumptions.

I could install out of the box AL 2018.05 but not the other versions oddly enough.

I’ll be doing a few test builds and going back through old versions to try finding if anything on our end has changed