Hw to fix broken pipe menus in openbox?

Openbox after update became broken polybar returns but with losin configs. And menus still dont work like this

The generated pipemenus are no longer included, you can downgrade the pipemenus package to before the update here

once the file is downloaded, open a terminal then run

cd Downloads
pacman -U archlabs-pipemenus-2.6.18-1-any.pkg.tar.xz

Or update your menu to use the static menu, try

cp -f ~/.config/oepnbox/menu-static.xml ~/.config/openbox/menu.xml

openbox --restart

If with the above you get an error like ‘file does not exist’ then do this

# remove old skeleton files
sudo rm -rf /etc/skel

# install latest base and openbox skeleton files
sudo pacman -S archlabs-skel-base archlabs-skel-openbox

# copy the new menu file to ~/.config/openbox
cp -f /etc/skel/.config/openbox/menu.xml ~/.config/openbox/menu.xml

# restart openbox to load the new menu
openbox --restart

Lemme know how it goes


I did all the above up to the openbox restart in order to use the static menus. I still get the same issue, but I don’t get the ‘file does not exist’ warning or anything like that.

I’m wondering if there isn’t a way to generate the new menu items dynamically? My system had locale issues and it could be that something breaks during generating the menu items.

So I’m confused, there are three options listed above.

  1. Downgrade the package
  2. Switch to the static menu that already exists in your ~/.config/openbox
  3. Use the latest

If you downgraded the package, there should be nothing else you need to do.

You may want to add it to the HoldPkg = ... in /etc/pacman.conf to avoid future upgrade issues.

Also had issues with broken pipe menus in Openbox after upgrading to AL 18-12. Followed the advice in the forum and downloaded the new AL-skel folder from bitbucket. After replacing my old menu.xml openbox config file with one from the new skel folder, I now have a working OB menu, and no more pipe-menu errors. Next task is to tweak the new menu more to my liking!
Although I was getting repeated OB broken pipe error messages, I was lucky that the polybar continued to function properly, giving me a working system to troubleshoot.
Thanks for the hints in the forum that guided my efforts!

Again, seemed to do the trick, had issues also after upgrade, looks good up to now, Thx @natemaia

Ah, the user makes a difference here.

I did downgrade the package, as root, but that didn’t seem to make any difference.

Then I updated again so I only tweak one variable at a time. Then I switched to the static menu, as root, and restarted. That didn’t seem to make a difference. Then I switched to static menu as normal user, and restarted. That fixed things. Thanks very much!

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Ahh yes very good, when running commands that use ~ or $HOME they will be evaluated for the current user running the command.

Glad you managed, cheers