I think he shared a lot of his configurations in the threads he was most active - “dk window manager” and “show us your polybar”. Search those two for starters.

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Thanks for the information, will look there tommorow

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Hey dude. Welcome.


Yeah, went through them for about 30 minutes. Could only find snippets and those look pretty outdated compared to the screenshots. I dont believe he has a github page or anything, does he?

Not that I’m aware of.

Seems as though I can’t view signatures for some reason. Most screenshot threads don’t have their dots linked like they’re supposed to :confused:

Can’t see any of them? There are some features that kick in after you’ve made a few posts. Can you post an image like a screenshot yet?

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i can post screenshots fine. it says on the first post in the thread dots are usually on post signatures or linked in the post, but almost every post I see theres not link for dots.

I think my best bet is to start a new thread and see if anyone has some insight on how to achieve the rice I’m going for

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Bet that s the best way to go.


from my own experience i can say, if you have problems with archlabs you will get very competent help here, ( except pressure problems) :slight_smile:

Ps.: Can be, that the guys here already sleep when you Loslegst…

cu, stephan

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Welcome @046