I saw a lot of new people making a introduction post, do I thought I’d shoot my shot at it

I hail from Texas (yes, pew-pew c;) and am still a student. I’ve been using Linux as far as I can remember, and never used Windows on a personal computer. Started off with Ubuntu 15.04 on an old Dell D620 and started my journey through Lubuntu, Deepin, and currently Manjaro. I’m planning to swith to ArchLabs in a few days so beginner tips would be awesome!

Pretty big motorsports buff and used to race Go-Karts before the lockdown. Been wanting to get back into it but holding off until school starts and my schedule setles in. Currently running a Thinkpad T430 and saving up for a laptop that can slay at CAD and fluid simulation.

On a side note, I’ve absolutely fallen in love with rml’s rices and wanted to create somthing like that, but it seems as thought he/she has dropped off mid-2021. If anyone has the dots please let me know!

I guess that’s it, thanks for having me in this community!



Welcome aboard.

Kind of like racing also.

Karting s pretty interesting, but as with anything else , it s getting way too expensive to even think of getting one sadly. But I m way too old for this now !

CFD s also interesting, but only look at these on YT. You guys are so good with those.

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When way younger I wanted one by this builder;As for engine matters, I don t remember,it s been years.

One of my close friends used a Haase Kart. Mine was a janky, home built one, but I’ve always wanted a top of the lime TonyKart

If I has a bit more time on my hands, I would build up a nice track-day car.

You must be good with machinings & stuff like that if I base myself on your Intro thread.

mm… not really. I mostly know how to repair basic stuff but nothing too mechanically inclined. Mostly comfortable around motorcycle motors, like the one in my go-kart

Hey cool. So you must know 2-stroke engines pretty well as well as 4-strike ones.

I would love TM s 2-stroke engines on karts as well as they also make their own hard enduro motorcycles whish I also like.

Yeah, but they’re a dying breed nowadays. If you want a cheap go kart, just find a kit and use an old ktm 2 stroke bike engine

Good idea.

The KTM group ( KTM,Husqvarna, GAS GAS ) as well as Sherco & Yamaha still make 2-strokers, but true, they re getting rarer as times go by.

Here s TM as stated above .

afaik the ktm group is a big powerhouse in the enduro/motorcross scene

but not much in MotoGP

True, but they re into MotoGP for a few years now, not as much as the other ones.

Here you go;

kinda changing the subject a bit, but does anyone you know have rml’s dots?

his 2020 screenshots capture the look and workflow I’m going for in my setup, but i cant find any configuration related to them

No, but I wonder if these links can be of any help to you;

As well as his threads he did; Sadly been a little bit that I haven t seen him in the forum.

I think I’ll just put arch or archlabs on a usb stick tommorow and install, and try to replicate whatever I can from the screenshots.

Sounds like a plan.

Other members might be able to help you out on this.

Hopefully I can wait a day and check out what kind of responses I get.

Some have pretty good knowledge, they might be able to help you out.

Maybe wait a bit & start another thread concerning what you want, it might help more.

Welcome to the forum @046 ; enjoy your time here!

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thank you!

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