Howdy :)


Hello all,
I am from India,
I am a windows user for about 10 years now, still use it for high end purpose such as gaming and other editing stuffs.

I use both Linux and Windows via dualboot.

I have been using Linux for about a year now and its fun.
I have been Distro hopping for a while now, cant find by Flavour.
So finally i came across ArchLabs.
By far this one is the best Distro i have seen, easy minimalist, dark themed. I would like to use the Distro as it is no further, ricing or theming stuffs like that.
Perfect for my Environment.
Thank you guys for this awesome Distro. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @Arceus and welcome to the forum!


Greetings @Arceus, happy to have you here!


Welcome aboard @Arceus.


Like I said earlier, welcome aboard and glad you got your dual boot worked out. :grin:


ya its running smooth thanks,
but now how to install softwares ? :sweat_smile:


Have fun!:joy: it’s not too difficult. Depending on the software that is.


lol :joy: . all done by AUR ?


@Arceus , archwiki s your friend mate.


@altman , ya about that. the one thing i hate the most is reading
and it got a lot of stuffs i mean a LOOOOOOT. it makes me dizzy
I guess i have no choice , time to start reading .


@Arceus , you bet, we all have to go through this actually. Have a good read & drink loads of coffee ! lol


Unfortunately, for using linux you would have to do a lot of reading. The wiki isn’t the only thing to read. I hope you have a good psychiatrist and tranquilizers!:joy:


I dont think i could ever finish wiki. I spent around 1 hr reading. Information gained 0.1% :unamused:.
Half the time it was bouncing over my head.
Still i have managed to find some answers to my own questions … progress… hm :lying_face:


lol, as the saying goes, Rome wasn t built in one day. Keep it on.


I only use wiki to find solutions to issues. There’s books that you can get to learn linux, and much more interesting. :grin:


@Arceus We learn by doing and it’s a gradual process. Don’t rush the fun out of it :wink:

You break it, reinstall it and break it again. Repeat as necessary :grin:


:joy::rofl::joy: sounds familiar! Actually, you learn more quickly when applying what you have learned than just reading. As @Glenn is saying, don’t be afraid of making mistakes, but learn from them. :grin:


All part of the experience :grinning:


Welcome to the forum!


Roger. :sunglasses: