Howdy y'all


I just installed AL 2019.01.20 and am loving it so far. I tried AL more than a year ago doing a YT review. I just did another look @ video and liked it so much I decided to install on hardware. I love the new installer and the choices for desktops. Thank you for all the hard work and baph.

I had a question about how to keep software installed with baph updated, and the forum search gave me the answer. Thanks again.


Hello @eznix!

Baph is pretty ace. Welcome to AL!


Welcome aboard @enjoy yourself in the forum.


Welcome, glad to hear your’re enjoying the stay so far.


Welcome im checking your channel!!


Welcome @eznix !


Welcome !!!


Welcome @eznix!


Hello @eznix and welcome to the forum!


'Sup d00d.


Thanks for the friendly welcome. Day three on ArchLabs and I am still loving it. I added the current kernel had installed the lts initially) and updated the archlinix-keyring, so far, so good. Thanks for a really solid distro. :smile: