Howdy from fly-over land


Hey from the Mid-west, far south-west subs of Chicago really.
Been using Linux for a number of years now - over the last year did some distro hopping while waiting on KiCad v5 to be release. The main OS from 2017 through July 2018 has been Debian Testing (since KiCad was available only in Testing).

So while waiting for the Debian devs to drop KiCad into backports, I ventured into Arch Linux.
Glad I did since I wanted to have a bit of a deeper dive. Well, I screwed up the OS a number of times and thought it might be a good time to drop into Manjaro.

That did well since I wanted an in-place drop of i3-gaps. Manjaro was Ok, but I sorta missed really tinkering with Arch. Anyways, I found ArchLabs on the Arch wiki and the rest is history.

So in short, I wanted to move away from EagleCAD to Kicad, and the utils KiCad introduced in v5 were needed for all the schems I have.

Oh BTW, I use KiCad to design schematics and Inkscape/Gimp to design the enclosures for the guitar peddles I build.

That’s what brought me to ArchLabs.



Welcome to ArchLabs


Another sparkie! Welcome to archlabs @chris60601 ! I have my certification for drafting as well as my electronic engineering degree. I used AutoCAD and PRO-E. I am thinking of trying out DesignSpark to see how that works out. It can CADD and modeling. If you have any questions, this forum has great people to help you with Linux and ArchLabs. So don’t be afraid to ask!


Welcome to the gang!.. I’m originally from the southside of Chicago…lived in Palos area when in grade school like a 100 years ago… Texan now…


Welcome aboard, that was a part of Chicago I was going in often when I was driving big trucks in the Chicago west part mostly when going there as well as Elk Grove Village some times. ( near the I-355)


Welcome to ArchLabs and our community @chris60601 from a fellow Illinoisan :slight_smile:


7im4pple - Nice area! I grew up in the Alsip area and my dad would take us to Palos during Christmas time to see the lit up homes. Later in life, I spent a lot of time in Midlothian / Oak Forest.



altman -

Elk Grove (and surrounding area) have some great looking homes. Spent a little time in my late teens years around there with a construction team (remodeling really) and worked a few homes there.



@chris60601 , that s cool ! Weird some times as the world can be small so to speak.