How uninstall i3 from the installer

Hi i wanna uninstalling the stock i3 wm that i select on the installer but ever time i try sudo pacman -R i3 give me this error: uninstalling i3 status breaks the dependency with <>, its necessary for the package archlabs-skel-i3-gaps(sorry for the bad translation my arch labs its on spanish) and doesnt a succesfully uninstalling of i3 wm. For anticipate Thanks! <3

Ola! What I usually do in the example you mention: first sudo pacman -R archlabs-skel-i3-gaps and then sudo pacman -R i3. Repeat for every package where you get the dependency message.
Eventually all will be uninstalled. I don’t discus the -Rsc & -Rs options since they can also break things.
But I assume you already have another DE/WM installed to which you’d like to switch? Otherwise I’d save my userfiles and config’s and just clean install AL with your option of choice.