How to use rofi plugins with

How to use rofi plugins with the script?

Can you show us the script ? If as I suppose you’re talking about rofi_run it should be like this for launching apps -r

or for windows view -w




[don@don-pc ~]$ -h



     -h,--help          Display this message

     -v,--version       Display script version

     -w,--window        Switch between open windows

     -r,--run           Program launcher & run dialog

     -q,--qalculate     Persistant calculator dialog (requires libqalculate)

     -c,--clipboard     Select previous clipboard entries (requires greenclip)

     -b,--browser       Browser search by keyword (requires surfraw)

     -l,--logout        Session logout dialog

     Without any options -r,--run will be opened.

[don@don-pc ~]$ 
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Thank you both for your reply.
I already knew all options of script.
I wanted to know how to use rofi plugin scripts. Now i know.
Now i have a new problem.
When i launch this ebook search rofi plugin script , I can’t exit from it by pressing ESC. i have to open a book to exit from it.

Edit it

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i dont know bash scripting :worried:

Create a new script, make it executable and try something like this:

locate /home/alOoOz/Books | rofi -threads 0 -width 50 -dmenu -nb ‘#1C2023’ -sf ‘#1C2023’ -sb ‘#00EFFF’ -nf ‘#9B9081’ -i -p “Books:” | xargs -r -0 xdg-open

Of course you need locate as dependency, install it

sudo pacman -S mlocate && sudo updatedb

First database update is a bit long (few seconds) but this works fine for me.
Keep It Simple Stupid

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That’s because that script uses -only-match

I suggest at the very least

man rofi

to learn the flags and what they do.

That script is also fairly poorly written, something like what @archus provided is a better option.

find ~/Books -name '*.pdf' | rofi -dmenu -i -p 'Books' | xargs -r -0 xdg-open

Everyone starts somewhere, you type commands in a terminal? It’s no different.

Read the SHELL GRAMMAR section

man bash

@natemaia much more KISS philosophy than my solution :wink:

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Removing the -only-match part solves the problem :smile:
I tried your simple solution.
Why does the list shows full path of the books rather than only the name of the books?

Because it’s easier.

Done from my phone so can’t garunteed it works, just play around with it

find ~/Books -name '*.pdf' | awk -F'/' '{print $NF}' | rofi -dmenu -i -p 'Books' | awk '{print '"$HOME/Books/"'$0}' | xargs -r -0 xdg-open

Thanks a lot for your help. Works like a charm

The final script for other’s future use.

@archus thanks a lot for your help

Glad that you got it to work @al0o0z

Thx to @natemaia

You should edit that awk command to use your $BOOK_DIR instead of $HOME/Books that I used above or it won’t work properly.

Remove the xdg-open end to see the output.

oops, didn’t see it.
But hey it’s showing correct without changing the awk command :confused:
And just now i’ve found out that the script doesn’t open the selected book :confused:
I just tried to open a book that was already opened by that long script so i thought this is working :slightly_frowning_face:
The selected book is not opening.

Think about what it’s doing, run each individually.