How to use net-ctl instead of the pre-installed network manager?

Hi, I would really like to use net-ctl (+ wifi-menu) instead of the pre-installed network manager, but i haven’t been able to find any guide on this topic. Thank you for answers!

ArchWiki - netctl

Or did you want the cli application for NetworkManager?

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I know about the wiki, but how do I make sure that net-ctl starts up on boot and and how do I safely remove “NetworkManager”?

It’s there in the Wiki. I use netctl for one of my ArchLabs since it’s hardwired desktop.

netctl has internal commands so:

netctl start your-profile

You’ll have to make the profile for your wireless.

I usually disable NetworkManager first and reboot with no network. Create your profile then start and enable netctl.

Once it’s up and running you can remove NetworkManager and the applet.


pacman -Rs networkmanager

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If I understand it, I don’t have to deal with systemmd to autostart netctl?

The netctl enable command will create and enable a systemd service for you that will be autostarted at boot.


Thank you!

Make sure you disable the entry for nm-applet in any of your startup files (~/.xprofile by default); otherwise it will produce an error message when you log in.

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