How to recover my encrypted drive?!

I just did a sudo pacman -Syu update to my system. It was doing the install and then my entire system froze meaning not accepting keyboard or mouse inputs. I had no chance but do a cold restart. Now the system is running a fsck automatically on my encrypted volume on every restart but aborts because of UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY. How can I get my system back?

Try booting from a live iso, then run fsck on the drive in question.

If an issue occurred during data transfer you could have a bad/corrupted block of data that’s causing fsck to fail the automatic check, going through the check manually will allow you to choose what to do for a given block (likely discard it). I had a similar issue back when my hard drive started to fail, had to manually fsck in order to boot, the manual check can take a VERY long time depending on the size and used space of the drive, mine was 2TB with about 800GB used, took about an hour to get booted.

I pulled all the data I needed from the drive and tried to reformat it, it died while attempting the reformat :frowning:

Thank you for your help and suggestion. Sorry for the late reply. Never was able to recover anything from the hard drive failure. I went into shock and state of depression right after and took time off.