How to patch kernel

I have never implemented a patch before. I have read some literature and watch a few videos but am still unsure on how to properly implement one. Could someone walk me through it.

I have been having a trouble with excessive power usage with any kernel after the linux-lts 4.9.102. I looks like a patch for it has been created. The first link below is to the thread and the second is to the patch. Could someone help me implement it?

I can’t help here but I am moving this to Technical Help.

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You can use the Arch Build System & asp to modify the linux package — the PKGBUILD searches for any files ending with .patch and applies them automatically if they are copied to the same directory.

But try updating your system first, the linux package has only just been updated (to v5.5.13.arch1-1) and it may already include your linked patch.

thanks for the reply Head_on_a_Stick. I tried updating to the latest kernel but it has not been patch.
I followed the steps in the video link bellow which uses the Arch Build System and ASP to patch and compile the kernel but after doing that i am unsure how to install the kernel. Could you tell me how to install the kernel?

kernel - arch build system

If you used the Arch Build System and the kernel compiled successfully, you should be able to install kernel and headers with pacman.