How to move the notification bar?

Since i installed Pacman, Redshift, Dropbox and bluetooth, there is a notification bar in the left side.
Il would like to know how can i move this notification bar on the right side? Is it possible or not?
I did a screenshot:

Thanks for your help.

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You will need to change the command used to launch it in ~/.config/openbox/autostart

There are a bunch of options, for more info check out

trayer --help
# or
man trayer

You can try out different styles without needing to reload

pkill trayer
trayer --edge right --align center --widthtype request --SetDockType false --expand true &



Great! Thanks a lot!
I added the transparent option, here my configuration:

#system tray
sleep 1; trayer --edge bottom --align right --transparent true --alpha 256 --widthtype request --SetDockType false --expand true &
The results:

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The tips were perfect, now I miss other applications in the tray, I know some apps have this option but while minimizing they do not appear there … (even enabling in the settings of each app does not work)
@nate Thank you for showing the way!
@Jambalak Thanks you, the alpha tip works fine!

1 Like i changed trayer, the “system tray” use by default in Archlabs, by tint2. It’s more fun! :grinning:
Here my configuration of tint2:
The result for my PC:

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I’ll test for sure!
Thank you!