How to move the default taskbar

I want to move the default taskbar (I believe this is polybar) to the bottom of the screen rather than the top, how do I do so?

This link might help you out:

As well as this link:


Put the bar at the bottom of the screen:

bottom = true

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Thank you I will give that a shot.

Sorry but it doesn’t work. When I saved the file it restarts the taskbar and that is it.

Is this the file I should be editing /home/username/.config/polybar?

Have you got a /home/username/.config/polybar/bar ?
I think it should be there, cannot check at the moment.

Weird, I am missing the bar folder :confused:

Maybe /home/username/.config/polybar/fullbar ?
What is the content of your /home/username/.config/polybar?

I have sessions folder, config, master.conf and modules.conf

Can you please check if you currently have a line: bottom = false in master.conf ?
As I said I am away and I don’t remember the name of the file you’re suppose to edit.

Edit ~/.config/polybar/master.conf.

Line 40

; change
bottom = false

; to
bottom = true

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