How to minimize applications

How do you minimize applications? No way to minimize Firefox or any other app!

Which window manager are you using?

The default openbox setup should have the window decorations for close, max, min.

openbox. There’s maximize, but no minimize.

Is it on the left side of the titlebar of the active window?

If it’s not there you can use the openbox menu:

Preferences -> Openbox -> Settings GUI

to open obconf; in the Appearance section you can set the button order you want.

Thanks, but that doesn’t give you any control for minimize. only roll up! Never seen this with any distro and I’ve used open box before.

edit your rc.xml (~/.config/openbox/rc.xml) and look for the <titleLayout> part and edit it to read:


Save and reconfigure openbox.

But it is already so, perhaps in the new ISO is no longer so.

    <name>Zarp Neon</name>
      available characters are NDSLIMC, each can occur at most once.
      N: window icon
      L: window label (AKA title).
      I: iconify
      M: maximize
      C: close
      S: shade (roll up/down)
      D: omnipresent (on all desktops).
    <font place="ActiveWindow">
      <!-- font size in points -->
      <!-- 'bold' or 'normal' -->
      <!-- 'italic' or 'normal' -->

What themes are you using?

The minimise button was removed in the last release. Any of the above solutions should be the fix.

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Thanks for having told him

Thanks, that did the trick.
Why did they remove an important button in the first place!
They should put it back. :wink:

It’s wasn’t really a requirement in our mind. Especially if you maximise the use of workspaces and if you do you shouldn’t really need to minimise at all.

Easy enough to put back after install anyway :smiley: