How to Install yay on ArchLabs?

Hello, guys.

I started ArchLabs today, 26/10/2019, and I was a Manjaro User and I’d like to know how to install yay on ArchLabs.

May anyone help me, please?

baph -i yay in the terminal.

You can always use our in-house AUR helper, baph in place of yay.

baph -u updates the AUR and main repos.
baph -s "package-name" searches the AUR.
baph -i "package-name" installs that particular package.
baph -ua updates the AUR only.


Thank you very much, @Dobbie03.
So I can use both, baph and yay, to install aur packages, right?
I used baph a few minutes ago as you said and it ran flawlessly.
Thx once more, mate :wink:

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You can indeed. Baph works just as well, if not better than Yay.


That would be baph -ua to do aur-only upgrade, -u alone will do pacman -Syyu as well.

@NewKommerInLinux You can use either, baph is one of our in house scripts written by me and can do most things you’ll need when combined with pacman. Yay functions more like a full fledged package manager on top of pacman.

I wouldn’t say baph is better, but it’s certainly simpler.


Updated my first comment

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