How To Get Computer s Specs From Terminal


I ve use this from a lot s of time, from the same guy(s) of inxi

Beta testers for Perl inxi requested


It s link:

Please put in appropriate section if not ok.


It’s perfectly placed, thanks @altman

Edit: Reading through your link, looks like some useful improvements although, I’ll probably wait until it’s merged to install. Got a nice clean, fresh AL install @the moment :grin:


Thx @Glenn , sometimes it would help the members here in order to help them by pinpointing the issues, whatever. the problem(s).


I completely agree @altman. Particularly with device issues, good call.



Thx @ector , very much related right ! lol Good call.


Don’t forget the man page everyone…

man inxi



@Glenn , good call.


I use this one :wink:



Yes sir .


I use this command usually :

pinxi -Fxz or inxi -Fxz