How to get autostarted program icon in polybar!


I have Archlabs on an macbookpro (late 2014) 13 retina. On an external usb-drive. Have just started to look into polybar and I use nitroshare to transfer files between computers. I am trying to get autostarted nitroshare to show up in polybar but have no idea how to do that. I can’t find a wiki or guide here for polybar.


Are you just talking about the indicator icon?

systemtray icon?

You will need to configure the polybar tray in the bar settings - those settings are set in the ~/.config/polybar/master.conf


hey man, how do you solved? :slight_smile:

This is a long and a little bit hard story.
It is a blessing that archlabs installer is fast! I have done numerous installs and everytime something went wrong. When I finally got things to work I wanted to do some macbookpro tweaks and for that I had to switch shell to bash. So I followed arch-wiki on how to do that and got thrown into grub-rescue! On this install polybar wouldn’t start and it keeps crashing so after some tryouts of other panels I ended up with xfce4-panel. It works very well and finally the system seems rather stable. This mbp is my work computer so I had to use an external hd. (could be part of the problem?)
I haven’t given up on polybar but I have given it a rest for now. I guess matter is solved for now! Thanks for interest!



One of the many positives about Linux in general. The options are almost endless.

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