How to find font icons

I was trying to add icons like all others do in my polybar. But i couldn’t find them.
I know about icon fonts like font-awesome, material, weather font etc but the problem is finding the icon i need.
How to do it? using character map viewer app? i couldn’t do that using gnome character map, most of the characters are nonsensical boxes.
Please help me.
Thanks in advance.

I usually end up using this cheatsheet.



Is that what s installed on the iso after updates !

i knew about this, but this time i was able to see the option to copy unicode glyph.

If you need to get icons from your fonts, this is the best tool for it: CharMap

EDIT: You can download the repository in case you need to use it offline.

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I copied the memory icon from font-awesome 5, but when i pasted it in my polybar config it shows noting even though i have both Font Awesome 5 brand & Font Awesome 5 Free in my polybar font list.

Every icon i copy from there it is smaller than the other icons

Try the bold version from Ubuntu Nerd font.