How to enable Staging repository?

Hi guys, come from Fedora to ArchLabs 2018.12.17, nice distro but I need ruby and want to try the new 2.6 version, search in the arch package website and found it:

but whe run pacman -S ruby show ruby 2.5 then I try with pacman -S Staging/ruby and pacman -S staging/ruby but don’t work, in both cases show “error: databse not found”

I think to add the repo but the pacman info don’t help:ñol)#Repositorios_y_servidores_de_réplicas

How to install ruby 2.6?

Hi @rigby.

It is not recommended to enable Staging. You will have breakages. Best idea is to be patient and wait for the release into Testing or the main Repo.


Thanks @Dobbie03, I’m installing ruby 2.5 I’ll continue archlabs “explorations” and be patient. :relieved:

Its normally the best idea. :smiley:

An idea would be to install a virtual machine and install any experimental/devel/etc. type packages in that.

If you want here there is the tar.gz

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