How to edit lightdm.conf to autologin and make new resolution in .profile?

i have edited the lightdm.conf but it wont let me auto login by uncommenting 4 lines,plus i edited my .profile and made a new screen resolution because it doesnt save in open box,how can i add the same resolution i have created to lihtdm?

You should post the full file rather than a vague description, it’s quicker & easier for you and less confusing for us.

Have you added your user to the autologin group?

See also

~/.profile isn’t read for graphical sessions, use ~/.xprofile instead. Or an X.Org configuration file, which will also apply to the display manager:

yes i read the lightdm archwiki,basically i edited my ~/.profile to save my new screen resolution which now works but whenever i reboot the lightdm display manager is off because it does not support 1920x1080 through my VGA,so u can hardly see the display manager, im just trying to put the same resolution i have created to the display manager upon reboot so i can see it

my ~/.xprofile screen resolution then saved the layout in arandr and put it in ~/.profile
xrandr --newmode “1536x864_59.00” 106.50 1536 1616 1776 2016 864 867 872 897 -hsync +vsync
xrandr --addmode VGA1 1536x864_59.00

my ~/.profile`
sleep 3

Follow the second ArchWiki link I posted.

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i am thank you sir i saw another person you replied to had the same problem

thank u sir this helped