How to Disable OpenBox Headerbars

I love Openbox. I know there’s a keybinding to hide the headerbar on a window. My question is: is it possible to open a window without the headerbar as a standard behaviour and if possible, where/how can I set it?

Near the bottom of ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml, very important it goes within the <applications> tags.

  <application class="*">

Replace the "*" with whatever the class of the application is, you can get it with xprop.


Thank you. So I guess there is no global way to do it. I must add all applications manually. That’s a lot of work. That way, the keybinding is faster :wink:

There most certainly is, the global way would be like I have above, "*" will match everything. Honestly though if you want a decoration less WM I wouldn’t use openbox.

Sort of the opposite; the applications section of the rc.xml file is read top-bottom so you can disable window decor globally with nate’s example then add decorations back to windows that need the decor if you want.

from openbox per-app settings -

  <!-- match all windows, and remove their decorations -->
  <application class="*">
  <!-- orage does get decorations though.
       calender app, see -->
  <application class="Orage">

Thank you so much, both of you. I completely misunderstood Nate’s answer when I wrote my reply. I tried it out though and had no borders. Me happy. With your example it gets even better.

Add a keybind in rc.xml

Works per window

    <keybind key="W-b">
      <action name="ToggleDecorations"/>

Unfortunately, openbox is all or nothing as far as setting decor goes.

If you absolutely need to have borders, fluxbox can be set up with border only decor.

The default archlabs ob config has such a binding already.