How to change CTRL + Backtick in OpenBox?

Hello I am trying to change CTRL and Backtick combination for openbox. Currently a menu is shown with the latest notifications I guess. When I open the rc.xml I can’t find any keybindings which point to the behaviour.

The reason for the change is that I want to use that combination for Visual Studio Code to open a new Terminal. Because at work I mainly have to work with Windows and the combination there is CTRL and Backtick and I would like to use the same keybindings on different OSes.

I did check the rc.xml at : ~/.config/openbox

Backtick key or (grave) is not mapped to anything by default.

Edit the rc.xml and add a new bind for C-Grave or open obkey and do it in the GUI

Ctrl+Grave shows last dunst notification. Check you dunstrc.

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thanks for your answers. editing dunstrc solved the problem. :grinning:

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Just mark it as solved, glad that it got fixed.

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