How to boot into GNU/Linux with a computer that does not support USB booting

For anyone who wants to ditch Winblows and boot into GNU/Linux from a USB connection but their PC does not support USB booting, I recommend Plop boot manager

What this application does is when you start your computer, before you see the Windows boot logo, you will be given an option to boot into Windows, or to boot into PLOP manager. After you boot into PLOP manager, then you will be given the option to boot via USB.

To install this, first download the file (as shown in the link), to install you would want to go to plpbt-5.0.15\plpbt-5.0.15\Windows and click on InstallToBootMenu.bat. Follow the prompts, install it and enjoy PLOP

I have tested this on Windows XP and Windows 7 and it works fine on both Operating Systems.

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Thanks for the share.

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It’s actually quite interesting, I faced some issues where my usb wasn’t recognize as bootable, even if they worked on other computer. Might give it a shot to get back to W8.1 ; and maybe to install the brand new AL :smiley:

No worries mate :slight_smile:

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It is indeed.

Good luck mate :slight_smile: