How to become Linux expert?

I am just a student. I love linux. I tried more then 30 linux. I know very basic command and installation.
How to become a Linux expert. That i will be able to knoe everything about Linux and its background code? How i will able to rich my knowledge to that level to able to make a new distribution even… this is my 1st community support account :heart: thanks for support

Try gentoo or LFS :grinning:


What is that… where …how …what?!?

Use a terminal emulator for everything and learn shell scripting (write lots of small helper scripts), it’s a good starting point and you’ll need knowledge of shell (bash vs zsh vs mksh doesn’t matter, just no fish).

After that do some bare Arch installs (no installer), this gives a good idea of how an install is built up. You’ll also spend some time editing system configs in /etc, which will be useful.

Now you should be at the point you can write your own scripts and are comfortable in the linux console you can decide what you actually want to learn.

  • If you want to learn linux (meaning the kernel) then you’ll want to learn the C programming language.
  • If you want to learn distributions and the general setup then what chroot said, try gentoo first and spend some time with it. LFS is not a distro but a guide for how to build “Linux From Scratch”.

Most importantly if you don’t actually take in the info and just copy paste commands you’ll get through everything but won’t learn much, take time and take it all in you won’t learn it all overnight or from one install, it just takes time.


Expert not Masochist :crazy_face:

Edit - installing Gentoo is actually an excellent learning experience.


C language I know the basic very well, but I want to know why I am learning competitive programming. Those are very painful.what type of C programming you are talking about I want to know.

  • Thanks for such a wonderful guide :orange_heart::heart:

Only if you are interested in the kernel development.

What is the relationship between computer programming and competitive programming… how to make software with hardware

Well if you want direct access to hardware then linux isn’t really the place to do it, an arduino or raspberry pi would be better. That’s very much out of the scope of “how to learn more in linux”. I’m not sure what competitive programming is, I suspect it’s just like normal programming but faster XD.

C programming means variable, loop, arrays, function this painful mathematics turn only?
Is there any other syllabus out of the box

That pretty much sums up most imperative languages lol. I haven’t seen a good video guide on it but this book is a must have. C has a very small and simple spec by modern standards.

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:broken_heart::broken_heart:…ok now i am learning python bcz i am bored seeing error… and i can easily connect with the problem with python…

The “bible” for C programming language. :smiley:

Also keeping this on my bookshelf.

TCP/IP Illustrated

What is this…

What is tcp/ip…:woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

@Sifat python is a solid language, makes it easier to try out things. Once you have one language down learning others becomes much easier, most concepts transfer.

@chroot Yea it’s a great book, short and sweet but still gets everything across with some good examples. I should look into networking more, recently had to do troubleshooting of our network at work and it was a nightmare XD.

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Pray for me" thats all what all i can say… to successfully crosse this journey

How to choose Linux career??
Does CSE or CS course learn anything about linux?

You’ll usually end up using linux (ubuntu cough cough) in most CS courses.

I don’t know about career, apply at places that use linux or support it (red hat, amazon, google, local tech, etc.)