How to assign applications to workspaces in OpenBox

The Titel said it all.
I found some options in the i3 config, but i am not using i3 yet and want to archive the same in OP. possible?


Need to edit the rc.xml file (~/.config/openbox/rc.xml)

Openbox Help:Applications - setting per app settings.

The settings to put xterm and firefox on specific desktops are in the example.

The per app settings are at the end of the rc.xml file. Back that file up before editing it, any systax error will prevent openbox from starting correctly.


I did it with devilspie

There is also a GUI for it. It worked for me in openbox when I was using it. It’s very simple to set up, you just select the applciation type/class and you can select various settings for it including which workspace it should open in.

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