How to add a program to rofi and the Rocket Menu

I have an application, e.g. called Postman, which I’d like to access from the rofi -> drun Launcher and the Rocket Menu including the correct icon. How and where do I do that?
The program is placed at /opt.
Thank you.

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Create a postman.desktop file and copy it (as root) to /usr/share/applications/

As a template, you can use an exiting *.desktop file from the category (i.e use firefox.desktop if this is an internet application) you want it to show in.

You just need to edit the appropriate lines for name, exec, and icon. Since your program is installed in opt, I think you’ll need to use the full path, unless the installation made symlinks to a location jgmenu and rofi read by default.


Thank you for the hint. I’m glad it worked. The file I produced looks like this:

[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=API Development Client
Comment=API Development Client
Exec=/opt/Postman/Postman %U
TryExec=/opt/Postman/Postman %U

Though I don’t know if the %U Attribute for URLs is required. I think the description at for the attributes is a little too thin.

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is it possible to change the rocket icon of the start menu?

Yes, open the config file for the polybar modules and for the jgmenu module you will see the line for the icon as well as the icon itself. You just need to pick an icon supported by the font being used.

Configuration files in ~/.config/jgmenu/

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For the actual rocket, edit your polybar config file (or tint2 if that’s what you’re using).

For everything else jgmenu related, use the pack @PackRat gave.