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How old is your install?

Type stat / post your system “Birth” date here :smiley:

Here is mine:

Birth: 2017-10-21 09:33:32.000000000 +1300


Here s mine; got reinstalled I don t know how many times before that one ! lol

Access: 2019-07-24 05:32:37.777884186 -0400
Modify: 2019-07-21 20:50:10.599613674 -0400
Change: 2019-07-21 20:50:10.599613674 -0400

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Wow, didn’t even know such a command existed! :slight_smile:

Birth: 2018-04-09 09:23:28.000000000 +0200


Same thing here.

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empty@E485:~ $ stat -c %w /                                                              
empty@E485:~ $ 

Guess it doesn’t work for btrfs subvolumes :confused:

It wouldn’t be correct anyway because I’ve changed filesystems at least three times since the initial installation.


Void desktop & laptop -

2018-10-29 06:34:06.000000000 -0400

2019-06-14 09:36:45.000000000 -0400

ArchLabs desktop -

2019-11-29 13:12:42.000000000 -0500

pretty new ArchLabs setup because I borked it installing nvidia drivers.

Geburt : 2018-03-02 13:13:08.000000000 +0100

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Two years without borking the system or doing a clean install. That’s pretty impressive.

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Yep , wonder if I ll ever achieve that ! lol

A clean install would be a small disaster to me. Thankfully Arch behaves well all the time. I remember well Ubuntu broken after upgrading to a new release. About 1 in 2 releases would end up like this.

Birth: 2018-05-27 20:21:39.000000000 +0200

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@Dobbie03 Nice terminal command :slight_smile:

[darshan@arch ~]$ stat / | grep Birth
Birth: 2020-01-04 23:19:13.000000000 +0530

Just installed Vanilla Arch yesterday :slight_smile:

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It s the newest install @Quantum_Sniper_007 !


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Thanks :slight_smile:

I have wanted to install Vanilla Arch for a long time. Finally found the time to do it yesterday. Took me 3 hours to get everything set up just right. Partitioning, base install, Xorg and DE took around 1 hour but the time consuming part was installing my apps and the rest of the configuration. If I had faster Internet, then it would have been less time-consuming process.


2019-05-21 18:57:48

Never had a problem, that i can think of now at least.

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It s the main thing @badkarma