How often do you upgrade your systems?

I am not very experienced on using Arch Systems, one month ago I was just only running Ubuntu and updates did never break anything. I used to upgrade my system every day on the evening, I right now do so on Arch, either.
This weekend I saw some comments on the Arch Forums that recommended to just upgrade the system on weekends. Right now I am trying that. Let’s see if that is a good idea.
How often do you upgrade your system and do you think this experiment is a good idea?
I am looking forward to your comments.

Mine check for updates automatically every 2 hours.
Usually I take them as I notice them.


Exactly every 1800 seconds :slight_smile:


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Been using pamac for gui and cli updates.
Pamac-gui to look at different packages and software and Pamac-cli for my scripts to auto check for updates.
Still using Pacman here and there, but fell in love with Pamac. :wink:

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I hardly ever update with pamac, but keep it installed on my all machines, to browse repos and installed packages.


Every day I do a manual check and install updates when they arrive


Update every time I put the lappy on.

Pretty much it on my side also.

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Daily for me. If you wait too long chances are, something will break. Because if one package has to update, imagine all of the dependacies will also have to update. Those dependacies will also have their dependacies updating and so on down the line. We had someone on this forum one time said that he never updated or upgraded. To say the least, his whole system was kaput. He had to carefully update certain packages being careful that he didn’t have a cascade effect. Also some packages wouldn’t update because they were too old. At the very least, update two to three times a week…

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At least once a day for me.

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Same here. Once a day

I’d probably update two, three times a day in reality. When I see that pop up I get it sorted.

Yea I’m with @Dobbie03 on this one I probably update at least once a day, it usually overkill and going a week or maybe even 2 is no big deal but it’s easier to just do it daily.

Ok, my system is updating right now. I guess I will do that experiment with another machine later… Don’t want to fix something now. :smile:

The Arch wiki advises against updating the system with a GUI, so I always use pacman, but mostly yay, since it does all that pacman does and also controls the AUR.

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I have pamac installed for notifications (only) in my Cinnamon panel but install and update via pacman & baph 3 times a day.

I’d recommend not using pamac to either install packages or updating (problematic at best).


Nice! Today’s update borks the system. I can no longer boot without errors. The diskimage from yesterday is perfectly fine. I can restore it and not update but my my faith in Arch is less than yesterday. I also have no clue what the reason is. I see messages while booting that I have never seen before. I think I’ll restore my openSUSE Tumbleweed for the time being. I need my system to just work so maybe, just maybe, Arch is not for me.

I reply myself. I found the cause. My fstab does no longer work. I had these lines in them for my external ext4 disk and one for my ntfs external drive:

UUID=xxx /mntpoint ext4 rw,noatime,nofail 0 2
UUID=xxx /mntpoint ntfs defaults,nofail 0 2

This worked like a charm. Now it no longer does. I have to add the noauto statement. Then the system boots normally. However, the auto mounting gets lost.

I have no idea why this has changed. In openSUSE it just still works. Any ideas @admin ?

Try x.systemd-automount instead.

EDIT: I update daily :slight_smile:

Bingo! Same here. Pamac-Tray is a beautiful thing. For the actual updates, good old yay -Syu for me.

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