How is the job world for FOSS and Privacy lovers?

I’ve been using Linux and many of the Libre and Open Source software. I also am concern about Privacy and Security so every Software company I see not just Google, Microsoft and the other big companies it feels so odd about them. I no longer feel they are the best and I wana join them if i want to be in a good job. It dosent feel good to think of working to collect peoples data and use if for stuff. But still I need a job and money is important so I have to do something. I was in search of some companies that I might be able to work with. I found a few like Mozilla, Purism, etc. But there are not many. Do any of you have/had the same situation? How did you get out of it? Feel free to ask anything if you wana know and I want it to be very open because It bugs me day and night.

Yes, but not quite in the way you mean :slight_smile:

I work as a motorcycle courier in London and we have contracts with all the major closed-source bad guys, including Microsoft & Apple (the shame!), and I have to take the jobs 'cos I need the money :frowning:

I do try to make the MS & Apple jobs as late as I can manage though, which makes me feel better.


Hahaha…Nice that you deliver them lately. But your doing a wonderful work here and I think that’s enough to make you feel happy before you sleep. How do you manage both? I want to know more about how you got into FOSS and stuff. Mind telling? :grin:

Work in the day, play in the evening :slight_smile:

I read about Ubuntu in a hi-fi magazine, of all places, and once I tried it there was no going back — I started out with DOS and I was dismayed by the jump to GUIs & Windows so it was a revelation to find an operating system that could be used almost entirely from the command line.

Also, I’m an anarchist so FOSS fits in rather well with my political leanings.

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so cool… :slight_smile: