How does Archlabs do ACPI Brightness?

Does archlabs use one of these?

Or something different? How do you ensure brightness keys will work on any hardware?


Hi, i believe uses xbacklight, , but maybe I’m wrong, try
xbacklight -set 90
Check whit
ls -l /sys/class/backlight

@ector is right. If it comes to my myself, I always use the light package. It works everywhere.

Arch wiki says “xbacklight only works with Intel.” That doesn’t sound like it will work with everything.

This works for me, but i’d like to know if archlabs has features to work with non-Intell cards.

  • make file:
    leafpad ~/.xbindkeysrc

  • paste in:

# Increase backlight
"xbacklight -inc 10"

# Decrease backlight
"xbacklight -dec 10"
  • Save the file

  • at CLI, to apply the bindings (or reboot):

xbindkeys --poll-rc