How do -skel- packages work?

hello guys, i installed archlabs with bspwm and i am not really liking it too much. i was wondering how the skel packages work… Id like to try the awesome wm configured in archlabs . what do i do after installing archlabs-skel-awesome

The skel packages install their customisation under /etc/skel/ (hence the name) but it is only applied when a new user is created. You can install the archlabs-skel-awesome package and then compare and contrast the contents of /etc/skel/ & $HOME then copy over the new stuff for the awesome desktop.

Alternatively perhaps try the user-setup script I use for my Debian spin:

You can copy over the contents of /etc/skel/ to $HOME with

sharp_skel="/etc/skel/" backup_suffix="~original" sharp-user-setup --refresh

Any pre-existing files in $HOME will be backed up with a suffix of ~original so that you can restore them afterwards.

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thank you ill give it a try in a vm and see how it works

@Head_on_a_Stick is spot on and the script should work nicely.

It’s worth noting that all our skel packages are made so they can overlap meaning no conflicting files between each. The awesome session was heavily customized by a contributor a fair bit ago and I’m not much of a lua guy so that’s the way it remains.