How did ArchLabs get so small?

I was reading the ArchLabs wikipedia page, and it said that it used to be over 2 gigabytes, but was then reduced to just 580 megs. How was that accomplished? IIRC the plain Arch iso is over 670 megs, so how did y’all manage to reduce it so much?

Might be because of the options on the install, makes for a smaller footprint.

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Just did a quick check. The ISO is 750MB.

I didn’t use the old AL ISO before. The 2GB size indicates it might be a live image. The new ISO is just a text-based installer.

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Okay, thanks! I’ve been trying to make my own tiny distro for my personal use, and I’ve learned a lot from looking at ArchLabs. Thanks for all your help!

No problem mate

A lot of this. Originally started out like BunsenLabs with a live X environment and pre-configured desktop options; then slimmed down. Currently a fully functional cli live environment with the text- based installer.

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Because it was bundled with a ton of useless crap, double up of applications, stupid conky configs and many other needless things.

Nate came on board and we trimmed it down to a more suitable size and selection of software.


Ah. I tried to reduce my installer iso size by removing anything that isn’t required from it so the airootfs folder is ~3 megs, and I used the package list from the ArchLabs bitbucket for the installer, but I still seem to have done something wrong because the iso is over 1.2 GB. Thanks for all of your help, it seems as if I still need to do further size reductions.

It might has to be with what version you have downloaded, never know.