How can I switch kernels

I installed ArchLabs on my old HP Compaq nx6325 laptop. It has a broadcom wireless chip that is notoriously problematic. However, the wireless worked immediately with ArchLabs, even in the Live environment. Then, during the AL-Hello dialog I switched to the LTS kernel. Now, the emblem that shows up when the wifi is loading keeps spinning. How can I switch back to the 4.10 kernel? Thanks.

I believe your other kernel still exists on your system. If this is the case, I think its just a change to grub.

This appears a reference point for grub entries:

Referring article:

The easiest way and probably safest way would be to use Grub-Customizer. You can organise the order of the different kernels you may have installed.

I don’t think it does because the post-install script ask me if I wanted to replace my current kernel with the LTS kernel. Also, the LTS kernel is the only one that shows up on GRUB.

Linux 4.14 is the LTS kenel.

I use the downgrade, it makes things easier here, it shows a list that is very useful and streamlines.

It’s an alternative. :wink:

Little old me always has 2 kernels in my grub, if one fails after an update you can just switch to the other. :wink:

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Same thing here, one as a backup as we never know.