How can I Add a missing bar to the Select Bar to Launch start up window?

Hello, Labers. Please, help. Now, I have installed AL with I3, Awesome and Bspwm, all installed fine. But, in the Select Bar to Launch starting window, Bspwm and Awesome bar option doesn’t appear to select (only I3 bar). How can I add this ones to this window? Where is the config of this window program? What is its name? If I install another WM, how can I add its bar to this start up window?.. On my other laptop all the options appear… Please, help. Thanks

Hi @lumumbria, you will probably have to make your own config.

This is my Polybar Manager:

Here is my config to give you some idea:

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@lumumbria, was my post the solution you were after?

Hi, @Dobbie03 … I update my AL to the last version. I no longer have the above problem. But, I have a new one. How can I Shutdown and Logout on AwesomeWM?? I cannot see any graphic option. How can I do that??

Hi mate, super+shift+q.