How are your cities/towns with coronavirus or Cov-2?

In my region we are in a bad way, 50% of cov2 cases are in my region, and I and the family are seriously worried.
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Just 6 confirmed cases in Poland so far. I think it’s going to change very soon.

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Here there are many cases, but we also do a lot of swabs out of them because they jump out of it, and I think the virus was already running from November to December
To date we are 5062 infected and 231 deceased
I think the tampons are almost 300.000

None as of yet here where I live.

Hopefully it will stabilize, which I doubt.

fwiw here are decent reliable statistics:

Thx for sharing, wasn t aware of that link before @manyroads

I’m in London and people here are being panicked by irresponsible media coverage, which is irritating.

Professor Chris Whitty reckons the mortality rate (or the case fatality rate if you want to be pedantic) is probably about 1% because the symptoms for most people are so mild that they don’t even realise they’re infected but the media is covering it like it’s the Black Death… :roll_eyes:


Media work at its best right !

Wonder what s the agenda

Advertising revenue. Which makes the BBC’s coverage really bizarre, I am presuming it’s just pure ignorance for them.

Are you in the Lombardi region by any chances @ector !

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Yep, they take something bad & want to profit from it

Possibly you should see this:

Firstly, don’t rely on Twitter for medical advice, it is almost 100% bullshit. The author of that thread has no medical qualifications whatsoever and even has a specific disclaimer to the effect that nobody should take anything he says seriously:

Secondly, nothing in that thread contradicts my statement. Professor Whitty is a real expert and knows what he’s talking about.

I didn’t say a word about true mortality rate. It’ll be possible to asses in a year time and means nothing at the moment. What needs to be taken into account right now is the absolute number of severely ill patients.

Which is *much* smaller than the number of patients who are severely ill from the common flu’.

I’m not saying nCoV-19 isn’t serious, because it clearly is, I’m just decrying the media hysteria.

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Well, I really count on being home quarantined. I’d be able to focus on C++. :wink:

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Yes indeed, I’m loving all the “social exclusion” advice — I’ve been doing that anyway for years, at least now I have an excuse :smiley:

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LOL, saying “Hi” in Poland w/o a handshake is impossible. I keep a bottle of disinfecting gel in my pocket. :rofl:

Here in Mexico we have 7 people infected at the moment


Just wait for Monday news. :wink:

BTW: welcome to the forum.

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