How are your cities/towns with coronavirus or Cov-2? PART DEUX

Fuck them all.

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lol, as loads of other politicians also !

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Riverside County, California creates an app so you can anonymously rat out your neighbors.

We have the same here in NZ.

It will make for an happy neighbourhood !

Dr. Fauci discussing national immunity cards..

Bunch of politicians getting in touch with heir inner Stalin.

Do you get to make a report anonymously?

When you think they can t be worst, they find a way to surprise you another time.

Apparently. Unless it is worth doing something about I have no intention of narking anyone in. Different story if say next door decide to throw a party and half the neighbourhood arrives.

Most definitely.

Can’t ride the bus in Philly if you’re not wearing a mask:

be interesting to see the New Black Panthers and NAACP response to this.

Well I think it’s safe to go outside now America:

This pile of steaming dog turds has dealt with the virus through the power of shouty prayers!

Praise the lord.

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It happened exactly 10 years ago and it was at the monument to the victims of the disaster where these idiots gathered. History has taught them nothing.

Madrid. No words


Wonder when they ll have some patients in there !

The patients are in another large compound

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Oh, thx for the comeback @Negata

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They’re infected but not critical, professionals take them there because hospitals are overflowing

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Ok, well, with loads of cases over there , one needs place right !

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War situation, but we’re still fighting this shit

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You bet ! Wonder( as we all do) when it will end!