How are your cities/towns with coronavirus or Cov-2? PART DEUX

Since the previous thread turned into a shit fight, here is the new, fresh and ON TOPIC continuation.

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He speaks the truth.


Well , lets hope it wont derail a little bit again.

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This forum is a beautiful place. No more toxicity.

Back to the present/future, my grandma is in her own home. I’m glad :muscle::muscle: But we continue to fight the virus in my country, until April 26th we’ll still be on alert. I think it will be longer


Good news in there @Negata . Glad for you guys. Say hello to her from me ! lol

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@altman Yeah!! I’ll see her in a few weeks, she’s now in quarantine.

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Lately I read news from your countries to know the situation: Canada, US, UK, New Zealand, Italy…

Once again, stay safe my friends :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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Los Angeles requires face masks.

Coorado man cuffed for playing t-ball with daughter.

Had a similiar moment (although not to that extent) when dealing with an undiscerning mother at a supermarket. Asked her “Why the f… should I intubate someone like you - someone neglecting all reason - when that becomes necessary? And while doing so risk my life and the life of my wife and my children? Why the heck should I do that?”

@dobbie03 Aren’t you from New Zealand?

Your prime minister kind of deeply touched me. Must be a wonderful country.

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How are your cities/towns with coronavirus or Cov-2? PART DEUX

Switzerland is doing alright, except of Canton Ticino and Geneva, where the shit hit the fan supposedly. In rural areas it is still quiet, the lockdown came just in time. Austria and Germany think about relaxing the lockdown, but very carefully and under strict monitoring and precautions.

After the hammer, we get to dance.

I am from NZ. Jacinda may bleed us dry with taxes but in times of crisis no other compares.

Ok, but does she use those taxes wisely?

I hope so.

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Wonder if their s any place that uses our taxes wisely! That is the main thing.

Cool thing in bad times: stars performing from home.

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PL today:

Confirmed infections: 5955 (today: 380). Deaths: 181 (7). Cured: 318.

Related;In the US/Canada mainly, don t know how it is elsewhere;

All gatherings banned in PL. Outdoor one needs to keep 2 m distance from each other, even own wife/husband. Cycling, running disallowed, even alone.

Polish government today:


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wow, they might be immuned to the virus ! lol

Bet that they re not alone like that sadly.