How Are You Working in ArchLabs-- Fav tips and tricks?

OpenBox is pretty amazing and I fell in love with it on CrunchBang. However, I have much to learn, hopefully from you!

How do you use the desktop and get things done in ArchLabs? Are you loving the right-click menu? Are you a keyboard command ninja? Share with me and others the things you cannot live without.

For example, I’ve never been a multiple desktop user on other operating systems. Yet, it’s so smooth on ArchLabs that super + desktop number is becoming second nature to me now that I have installed this on my old laptop.

Help me and others find slick ways to get around, display information, be efficient, and enjoy computing.


I use DWM on my laptop, so nearly everything is keyboard driven.

Openbox on the desktop and change it up constantly. I use obmenu, jgmenu and rofi but predominantly use keybinds to launch most applications there as well. Sometimes conky–> Sometimes not and every once in a while, xcfe4-panel launchers but they’re mostly just for looks :stuck_out_tongue:

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I jump around quite a bit. In Archlabs I find i3 to be my favorite. I mixed it with Cinnamon last and really enjoyed it.

Got some little tips here real quick in terminal:

sudo pacman -Scc

sudo pacman -Syyu

pinxi -U

pinxi -Fxz

rm -v -f ~/.cache/thumbnails//.png ~/.thumbnails//.png

rm -v -f ~/.cache/thumbnails///.png ~/.thumbnails///.png

Basically my daily routine.

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@altman what do
pinxi -U and pinxi -Fxz do?

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Ah @philT , it s the Perl version of inxi .

Here s a link to better describe it I m not pretty good to explain stuff usually:

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I do a lot of writing in markdown, so I really need to tweak my keyboard commands to launch Ghostwriter quickly.

Of course, I started this thread to learn more keyboard shortcuts because I feel like I should use them more. Yet, I spent the day clicking the desktops in the polybar instead of using my keys. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks like a good tip in there @sikkdays

I generally try to avoid window manager keybinds for launching applications, the one place I do is Mod+Enter; the standard bind to open a terminal across many different window managers. For everything else I just use dmenu (or rofi if preferred) this keeps my configs a bit more simple and I never need to change things if I wanna switch to a different application.

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